Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board
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Objectives and Setup

            Haryana Khadi and Village Industries Board was established by the Haryana Government on dated 01.02.1969 under Section 3(1) of the Punjab Khadi and Village industries Board Act 1955. It is a statutory body. The Board consists of not more than 15 members appointed by the Government from time to time including Chairman, Chief Executive, Secretary, Joint Secretary and other officials/non-officials members. The Board holds its ordinary meetings once atleast in every three months. The Board is operating in the state through its District Offices located at District Headquarters.



Chief Executive           Secretary         Official Members            Non-Official Members

Administrative Setup

  • Chairman
  • Chief Executive
  • Secretary
  • Dealing Officers for various branches.


The objectives of the Board are as Under :-
(i)   The social objectives of providing employment”.
(ii)  The economic objective of producing saleable articles; and
(iii) The wider objective of creating self-reliance amongst the people and building up of a strong rural community spirit”.

Functions of the Board :

 a)        The main function of the Board is to organize, develop and propagate Village Industries.
 b)        To start, encourage, assist and carry on Khadi and Village Industries and trade or business in such industries.
 c)        To help the people by providing them with work and to give them monetary help (Subsidy).
 d)        To train unemployed youth for starting or carrying Khadi and Village Industries.
 e)        To encourage establishment of Co-Operative Societies.
 f)         To arrange for publicity & popularization of finished products of Khadi and Village Industries.
 g)        To seek and obtain advice and guidance of experts and endorse the same to Khadi and Village Industries.


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